The All New BMW 5 Series at Joe Duffy | BMW Dublin

The All New BMW 5 Series is officially on Irish Roads. There are many changes to the exterior of the All New BMW 5 Series which differentiates it from its predecessor but the technology and the interior of this car is really what takes it to the next level and why you must try it for yourself.

Here are just 5 Reasons why you must try the All New BMW 5 Series:

1) The All New BMW 5 Series comes available with the optional Driving Assistant plus provides support and security in monotonous and dangerous situations.

2) Enjoy parking, as if by magic, with the New BMW 5 Series Remote Control Parking system.

3) The BMW Display key is more than just a key. Keep track of your vehicle's status, check your fuel level, access climate control settings and servicing requirements from the touch of a button.

4) Remote 3D view gives new BMW 5 Series drivers a helping hand allowing you to view your surroundings from your smart phone.

5) Triumphing in every situation calls for one thing above all: first class equipment

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