The BMW Vision iNext

BMW is always ahead of its time especially with the BMW Vision iNext.

It represents the vision of a future vehicle.
That drivers can trust but also relax in, making them feel like they are at home.

You only need one look to take in the spectacular exterior of the BMW Vision iNext.

With large surfaces and precise lines, it makes the car seem as if it was made from one piece.
Also mixing straights lines and defined graphics with a feminine form creates a beautiful surface.

The liquid Greyrose Copper exterior gradually changes in shade from a warm copper to a dark rose, making the contrast of the car play a huge role in what it is

The interior of the BMW iNext breaks tradition.
Using materials that we are not familiar with anymore but also using materials we know. With its interplay of fine woods and hand-woven Jacquard fabric as well as Alcantara in Purus Rose the interior is re-envisioned.

Practically invisible but always at your side.
To control the vehicle all you have to do is touch the surface and you will see lighting elements.

An intelligent step towards the future.

The BMW Vision iNext marks another next big step in intelligent vehicles that can make lives easier.