The All New BMW 5 Series.

The all New BMW 5 Series has finally be uncovered revealing the latest design updates from BMW.

Remember for a limited time only the BMW 5 Series is available with €4,000 Purchase Contribution and 5 Years Servicing.

About the All New BMW 5 Series.

Code named G30, the seventh-generation BMW 5-series will be officially launched this February. But ahead of the launch we are lucky enough to have the car available to view right here at Joe Duffy.

So what are the main differences and the features of this new 5 Series?

Here we give you the low down on what it has to offer, especially compared to the F10 5 series.

The Changes.

Compared to its predecessor, the F10 5 Series, the G30 5 series is larger and up to 100kg lighter. Improvements to the ride involve the addition of air springs on both the front and rear axle. The front grille is capable of closing and opening its shutters to allow for optimal engine cooling and better aerodynamic flow whenever possible.


Thanks to a 10% reduction in the car’s drag coefficient, the G30 5 Series is easier to steer compared to the previous model.


Inside the G30 5 Series has a lot of improvements from its predecessor, including BMW's new Gesture Control feature. Naturally, the interior is quieter and more comfortable than ever before.

The G30 5 Series has a revamped heads-up display, making it 70% larger and improving the resolution to 800 x 400. Other mentionable features include acoustic glazing for the windscreen and an optional 1,400-watt Bowers & Wilkins sound system, wireless phone charging, and an LTE-capable Wi-Fi hotspot for up to ten devices. Wow!


The exterior has also been given a full working over, including the addition of ‘full-width’ headlights and the larger kidney grilles. The 2017 5 Series lineup debuts with two engines; the 530i and the 540i. The 530i will use a 248-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder, while the 540i will offer a 335-hp 3.0-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder.


There’s a lot of modern technology available with the G30 5 Series, including semi-autonomous driving systems (in situations of speeds as high as 210 km/h), and remote control parking for when you need to squeeze into the tiniest of spaces!

All versions will come with classic BMW’s Professional Media system which features a 10.25-inch display with touch control and the latest i-Drive set-up. The new 5 Series is also equipped with BMW's sixth generation iDrive vehicle control system, which has been expanded to offer four manual input options, most notably gesture-recognizing controls. The electronic architecture has been upgraded to a 48V system in order to make room for a new number of autonomous advanced driver assistance systems.

That’s not it, there’s more!

The 5-series also gets a range of apps, including Car-to-X. This allows your car to communicate with other BMW's, sharing traffic and weather information. Also, if you opt for the Driving Assistance Plus Package, you will be able to change lanes at up to 112mph, where legal.

Eco-friendly credentials

  • Scheduled for release in March 2017, the 530e i Performance plug-in hybrid has a 9.2 kWh lithium-ion battery with enough power for up to 45 kilometers.
  • Top speed (when the vehicle is being driven in electric drive mode) = 140 km/h (87 mph).
  • A full charge takes up to 3 hours and 50 minutes.

The BMW G30 5 Series is now available at Joe Duffy BMW located at Exit 5 on the M50. And is available with fantastic 171 offers with up to €4,000 Purchase Contribution and 5 Years Servicing on all 5 Series vehicles registered before March 31st 2017.

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