BMW iX3 M Sport


Thanks to the standard-feature M Sport package in its new design, the new BMW iX3 M Sport looks sportier than ever. Aerodynamic elements and blue accents bring out the electric nature of the vehicle to its full effect. Whether for short or longer journeys – with a range of up 460 km* and electricity consumption from 5.3 kms/kWh* , the new BMW iX3 M Sport is ideally suited to every route.

Awaiting you in the BMW iX3 are state-of-the-art technologies that combine emission-free mobility with supreme comfort. The intelligent driver assistance systems can be operated quite simply by voice command and increase safety during the journey.

Driving in pure electric has never felt so natural. The perfect balance of innovation and style allows your journeys to benefit from being all-electric while keeping the experience pure BMW. Inside, details such as the BMW i entry sills and ambient light pre-set to BMW i Blue ensure a modern atmosphere, while impressive standard features like the sun protective glazing and fully electric seats in Vernasca leather takes comfort levels up a gear.

Panoramic glass sunroof.
Get more from your adventure thanks to the panoramic glass sunroof, which comes as standard. It gives the interiors a greater sense of space while also maximising your views.

BMW IconicSounds Electric.
Discover the new sound of adventure with the latest BMW IconicSounds Electric, which is available as standard on the BMW iX3 Premier Edition Pro model. Designed in collaboration with Hans Zimmer, it delivers various driving manoeuvres with immediate acoustic feedback, both internally for passengers and externally for pedestrians

Electric controls.
Enjoy a modern and elegant atmosphere in the new BMW iX3 Premier Edition thanks to sophisticated in the centre console. What's more, the instrument cluster and Control Display have been designed specifically for electric driving.


More dynamic, efficient and innovative than ever: the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology installed in the BMW iX3. In combination with the newly developed high-voltage battery and Adaptive suspension, it allows this SAV to offer an electrifying driving performance and acceleration over every metre.


Thanks to the interplay of an efficient drivetrain concept, aerodynamic design, and a powerful high-voltage battery, the BMW iX3 M Sport reaches ranges of up to 460 kilometres*. Innovative technologies, such as brake energy recovery, help to extend the range and reduce energy consumption to 5.3 kms/kWh


With your BMW iX3 M Sport and BMW Charging, you benefit from numerous tailor-made offers for charging at home, on the road and at work as well as an impressive vehicle charging capacity of up to 150 kW. Included with the vehicle is a standard charging kit consisting of the Flexible Charger for flexible and mobile charging at home, as well as the charging cable for public charging.

The calculation takes into account consumption and charging performance. Values refer to 29-33 degrees Celsius battery start and ambient temperature with certification values excluding additional auxiliary consumers such as seat heating, displays, air conditioning. Individual consumption may vary (depending on e.g. driving profile, temperature, ambient conditions) as well as the individually achievable charging performance (depending on e.g. battery state of charge, vehicle air conditioning). Consumption is based on WLTP best case. Charging performance is based on the maximum possible charging performance (depending on charging type and vehicle).


With an extensive and growing Irish network of charging facilities, BMW are ready to help keep your adventures going for longer. Access to hundreds of partner chaging stations across Ireland. Add to this BMW’s convenient home charging solutions, and you can be sure that you’re never far from topping up.

​Charging at home.
Thanks to the BMW i Wallbox Connect, BMW drivers can charge their plug-in hybrids up to 80% capacity in approximately three to five hours, which is 70% faster than a conventional 3-pin socket.

Connected Charging.
With Connected Charging digital service, the BMW iX3 Premier Edition points you to the nearest public charging stations on your route and lets you know availability and the charging type offered. ​​

Charging cables.
The new BMW iX3 Premier Edition comes with two cables: a standard BMW charging cable, which can plug into any conventional 3-pin socket; and a BMW AC Fast Charging Cable (Type 2).


The innovative services of the My BMW App and BMW Maps with Connected Charging and Connected Navigation help you to efficiently exploit the range of your BMW iX3 and plan your routes accordingly. You can operate these services quite simply by communicating with your BMW. Your BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant always travels at your side and enables you to control numerous vehicle functions by voice command.

Driver Assistance

Parking Assistant Plus.
Raise your confidence with parking Assistant Plus, which comes as a standard feature on the BMW iX3 Premier Edition Pro. It offers a rear view camera, Active Park Distance Control, Parking and Reversing Assistant, Surround View system with Remote 3D View, and the new Driver Recorder feature.

Driving Assistant Professional.
Thanks to Driving Assistant Professional, you can add an extra layer of intelligence to your driving. On top of Driving Assistant features, it includes Steering and Lane control Assistant, Emergency Stop Assistant, Active Cruise Control, Automatic Speed Limit Assist, and much more.

Assisted Driving View.
With real-time vehicle information, the Assisted Driving View provides drivers with a clearer understanding f their surroundings and nearby traffic. Using an animated 3D display in the instrument cluster, drivers can be in greater control and more prepared.

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