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BMW i3 - Born Electric

Redefining urban mobility means thinking far beyond environmentally-conscious and agile driving. The result: with its visionary design, the BMW i3 design defines the automobile of tomorrow.

Time to rethink mobility. Time for a sustainable, emission-free mobility. The BMW i3 with eDrive can also redesign your mobile everyday life.

The BMW i3 opens a new chapter of a visionary design language for BMW, which is tailor-made for electric vehicles. The innovative LifeDrive architecture with carbon passenger compartment provides an especially roomy feeling in the interior (in part thanks to absence of a center tunnel) and is characterized by the use of high-quality, sustainable materials. The aerodynamic exterior design with the opposing doors, the characteristic Black Band and the large wheels create a dynamic impression about the BMW i3's driving agility even when it's standing still

The consistently sustainable design of the BMW i3 makes it the perfect vehicle for urban environments in the megacity: Driven by pure electric power and customized for the requirements of a sustainable and emission-free mobility, it embodies an intelligent form of travel. The vehicle represents an integrated and harmonious concept where every detail has been optimized to its purpose. This can be seen in the functionality dynamic exterior and in the clean and reduced interior space.

Interior Design.

The specific design of the LifeDrive architecture of the BMW i3 opens a completely new world of design possibilities for vehicle interiors. By locating the energy storage in the floor of the drive module, no center tunnel divides the interior. The entire Life module is available as an interior space and offers a completely new feeling with an innovative and yet futuristic impression and unique new functionality.

The ample size of the Life module of the BMW i3 allows passengers to sit higher and look out over the interior landscape. This raised seating position is referred to as the Semi-Command Position and also provides for a clear overview in hectic city traffic. It also makes entering and exiting the vehicle more comfortable.

Because the interior space is no longer divided by a central tunnel, it is easy to switch sides and exit the vehicle on the opposite side, when necessary, which proves quite convenient in difficult and tight parking situations.

Use of Sustainable Materials.

The interior of the BMW i3 features a visible use of natural resources such as KENAF fibers in the door panels. This member of the cotton family is particularly sustainable. Its characteristic fiber structure, which remains visible after processing, underscores the premium claim of BMW i. In addition, the designers developed a completely naturally tanned leather with the expected and outstanding BMW quality and feel.

Besides the use of natural materials, 25 percent of the weight of the plastic used in the interior comes from recycled material or renewable resources. The textiles used on the seats consist of up to 100 percent recycled fibers. This utilizes another potential for reducing CO2 emissions.

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