Audi Tyres

Premium Brand Tyres fitted by Audi Trained Technicians

8mm your tyre is 0% worn --------> Safe

7mm your tyre is 15% worn --------> Safe

6mm your tyre is 31% worn --------> Safe

5mm your tyre is 47% worn --------> Some Risk

4mm your tyre is 62% worn --------> Some Risk

3mm your tyre is 78% worn --------> Severe Risk

2mm your tyre is 94% worn --------> Dangerous

1.6mm your tyre is 100% worn --------> Legal Limit

Audi Genuine Tyres

Specially created for each Audi model and manufactured using the latest materials and testing criteria, Audi Genuine tyres ensure both wheel rim and tyre are coordinated to meet our exacting requirements.

To achieve the ‘AO’ marking for every model, Audi Genuine tyres have to undergo around 50 performance criteria tests. This is considerably more stringent than statutory tyre regulations.

Audi Service Price Match

With the Audi Service Price Match, you won’t pay a penny more when you buy your tyres from Audi North Dublin or Audi Limerick compared to any other provider. And that includes all costs for fitting.

Just get a quote from any tyre fitter within a 30 mile radius* of either Audi North Dublin and Audi Limerick and we’ll match the price. It’s all part of the Audi Difference.

Terms and Conditions apply.* Only quotes from providers within a 30 mile radius of either Audi North or Audi Limerick will be seen as valid.