Audi Genuine Parts

Quality down to the last detail

With Audi Genuine Parts you are using spare parts in your vehicle, which perfectly match one another - and the excellent fitting accuracy of the parts helps to keep time spent in the workshop as short as possible. You can be guaranteed that only Audi Genuine Parts have been used on your used Audi when purchased at Audi North Dublin, Audi Limerick or Audi Approved: plus Drogheda and likewise during all our Audi service and repairs work.

Quality is the sum of many parts

Because each individual part fulfils its task precisely and reliably. Audi Genuine Parts originate during the development of your Audi – all parts are made to match one another. If improvements are made in series production, they are also adopted for Audi Genuine Parts. Your Audi partners grant a two-year statutory guarantee on Audi Genuine Parts.

Many parts are also available as Audi Genuine Replacement Parts - a resource-saving alternative, which is subject to the same stringent quality requirements.

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