100% electric. 100% Audi.The New Audi e-tron is here!

April 2019

The New Audi e-tron is here!

The eagerly awaited Audi e-tron has landed and our customers are taking delivery of their brand new All-Electric Audi e-tron.

The Audi e-tron is everything you would expect from an Audi, powered entirely by electricity.With its aerodynamic design and elegant, luxurious cabin, e-tron marks a new era, not just for those seeking the benefits of electro mobility, but for everyone who demands the driving experience of an Audi. With a maximum regulated speed of 200km/h, the All-New, All-Electric Audi e-tron is as fast as a motorcycle, but stronger!

How much does the Audi e-tron cost to run? It will vary, depending on how far you drive, your electrical supplier. Here you can work out roughly how much an Audi e-tron costs to run per month. Use the calculator: bit.ly/2UrKceB