Top of the Q  - The All new Q8 - Coming Soon

Audi have revealed their top SUV to date, the all-new Q8. The new model still has the iconic Audi look, while inspired by a coupé - it's an SUV. The Q8 is lower than the Q7, but still has the same head space inside. Outside, the all new design architecture is based on an Octagon, this will be the new look for all Audi SUV's going forward. The wheel's are Audi's biggest yet, which in turn means bigger wheel arches as a notable feature. The glorious black panel beam gives a luxurious, seamless look from tail light to tail light. Aesthetically, the outline is coupé inspired but the Q8 is every inch an SUV.

The elegant two level interior is inspired by the A8 and combined with an SUV design. The first level is all of the top tech features you would expect in an Audi, surrounded by a black panel and aluminum frame. Then, clearly defined is the level two soft interior decor, giving unmistakable, luxurious comfort surrounding the whole of the interior.

Designed like a diamond, every aspect of the new Q8 is polished to perfection. It's a game changer in SUV design. We cannot wait to see it in our showrooms soon.