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Attend the Audi North Dublin Corporate Coffee Morning Presentation | Friday, May 12th, 08:30am

Attention Business Users. Fell like you've thought of all the areas you can save your business time and money already? There may be one that has slipped your mind and that's vehicle leasing. Vehicle leasing has a wide range of benefits with Fixed-cost motoring being one. For a set monthly payment, you get the use of a new Audi for an agreed duration and mileage limit that suits you. As long as you have not exceeded the mileage and the vehicle is in a fair condition, you just return it at the end of the contract, with no further cost. It's that simple!

Now you know the costs are predictable and risk-free to your business, there is also the added benefit of a regular change cycle, meaning your corporate fleet can benefit from advancing technologies and ever-improving safety and fuel efficiency features by updating your cars at regular intervals of 2, 3 or 4 years.

By attending our Coffee Morning Presentation on Friday, May 12th at 8:30am, you and your business are guaranteed to walk away finding it a worthwhile experience and by ordering your Audi at Audi North Dublin, you will receive a FREE Audi Wireless Charging Pad (as seen below). Join us and kick start your Friday morning at Audi North Dublin by clicking the button below.

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At Audi North Dublin, we make your vehicle leasing experience an enjoyable one.

Learn about the below ​Leasing benefits and more:

  • Tax and VAT benefits
  • Low monthly costs
  • Leasing vs Hire purchase
  • Improved cash flow
  • Future risk removed
  • Off balance sheet funding
  • All Inclusive Package
  • Increased buying power

Order your Audi and receive a FREE Audi Wireless Charging Pad

The Audi Wireless Charging Pad enables cable-free charging of all Qi-compatible smart devices. Some Features of the pad include:

  • Slim and compact design
  • Qi certified (Standard for wireless charging)
  • Non-slip ground for safe standing
  • Blue LED indicates charging
  • Easy charging: Charging of the mobile phone not only in the car, also at home
  • Simply use a USB power adapter characteristically for your country and connect the USB cable with the Wireless Charging Pad

Contents: 1x USB Cable

1x Charging pad with Audi Rings

For non Qi-compatible mobile phones a Qi-compatible wireless charging cover is necessary (e.g. wireless charging cover for iPhone 6/6s) which can be purchased at AudiShop.ie