The Audi Awards cabinet - filling up fast!

Many more reasons why you should choose Audi.

We at Joe Duffy are delighted to hear about recent wins by Audi across their range. As previously reported the Audi A8 won the the prestigious ‘World Luxury Car 2018’ award. READ MORE ON THE A8 AWARD HERE

April 2018: Audi scooped five prizes in the Car of the Year awards in Luxembourg. The A3 prevailed with around a quarter of the votes in the compact class. Second place went to the A8 in the luxury class, to the Q2 among compact SUVs and to the Q5 among the midsize SUVs. The Audi A5 Coupé took third place in the sports cars, convertibles & coupés segment.

May 2018: More than 13,000 readers of “Auto Zeitung” cast their votes for the best new car designs in five classes in the Design Trophy competition. The new Audi A7 Sportback won in the “Sedans/ Station wagons/Minivans” category with 13.5 percent of the votes cast. The large four-door coupé also took third place in the overall “Champion of All Classes" standings. With this victory, Audi continues its Design Trophy success story.