Audi e-tron

Fully electric driving pleasure. The Audi e-tron.

More personal freedom for self-determined mobility: no contradiction with the all-electric SUV from Audi. No matter if you are out in the city or sailing with friends - the Audi e-tron is your companion. The first all-electric SUV is not only sporty, but also suitable for everyday use. Its two e-machines in conjunction with the electric four-wheel drive for remarkable performance and agile handling.

Powerful dynamics with electric drive

Two e-machines power the Audi e-tron powerfully. Quickly they accelerate the electric SUV from a standstill to 100 km / h. The start-up performance is comparable to a sports car. Optimal traction and dynamics are provided by a new generation of the quattro drive: electric all-wheel drive. This makes the Audi e-tron not only suitable for everyday use, but also very agile and agile on the road. The quattro drive can be switched on when needed - and results in a situation-specific torque distribution, a flexible control of the axle moments and driving pleasure on every terrain.

Excellent Traction

The Audi e-tron comes as standard with the new quattro generation: the electric four-wheel drive system permanently and fully variably regulates the ideal distribution of drive torques between the two axles - within fractions of a second. To achieve the highest efficiency, the electric SUV uses in most cases mainly its rear electric motor. If required, the electric four-wheel drive shifts the moments forward to the front axle - even before slippage occurs in the case of smoothness or fast cornering or under- or oversteer the car. Especially at low friction values, such as on snow, the dynamic talents of the Audi e-tron come into their own.

Long Distance Range

The long-range range is also achieved by means of the high degree of recuperation, ie the recovery of braking energy. With far more than 90 percent of all delays, the Audi e-tron recycles itself via its e-machines. In combination with the electrohydraulically integrated brake control system, which Audi is the first manufacturer to use in an electrically driven production car worldwide, the electric SUV deliberately exploits its maximum potential for recuperation.

Light-filled interior with first-class air quality

In addition to the interior, the comfort features of the Audi e-tron also correspond to those of a typical luxury-class Audi model. The optional panoramic glass roof makes the interior even brighter and enhances the impression of lightness and expanse. As an alternative to the standard two-zone automatic climate control, Audi offers optional four-zone automatic climate control and the Air Quality package. The latter, with its ionizer and flavoring, whose intensity can be regulated in several stages, ensures first-class air quality. In addition, the air quality sensor detects harmful gases and then activates the air circulation circuit.

The standard bearer

For the first time in a production car, virtual exterior mirrors are used on request in the Audi e-tron. They not only offer a new technology experience, but also many practical benefits in terms of comfort and safety. Its flat carrier integrates a small camera at its hexagonal end, the images of which are processed digitally on high-contrast OLED displays with 1200 x 800 pixels in the transition between the instrument panel and the door.

Details make the difference

Stylish details make it clear that the Audi e-tron drives purely electric, including the specific daytime running light signature, the electric tailgate, seated seams, which are based on the motif of electrical traces and the elimination of exhaust tailpipes. A design highlight of the Audi e-tron are the optional virtual exterior mirrors.

Digital assistant

The Audi e-tron uses the networked intelligence of Audi connect to help you plan your journey. Whether through the in-car MMI system, the myAudi smartphone app or desktop website, e-tron offers a range of Audi connect systems, including a route planner. This calculates routes and highlights charging stations, the estimated charge time and incorporates traffic data to calculate your arrival time. With this easily-planned schedule, the e-tron is as suitable for long trips as it is for everyday use.

Audi e-tron 50 quattro

Available from €64,990 (including grants)

Battery capacity in kWh¹: 71 (gross), 64 (net)

Max. power in kW: 230
Max. torque in Nm: 540
Top speed in km/h: 190
Acceleration 0–100 km/h in seconds: 6.8
Curb weight in kg: 2,425

Electric range (WLTP): up to 336 km
Energy consumption in kWh/100 km (WLTP): 26.6–22.4

Charge capacity AC/DC: up to 22 kW/up to 120 kW
Charge time 11 kW/22 kW (0–100 percent): approx. 6 hrs/approx. 3 hrs.

Charge time 120 kW (5–80 percent): approx. 30 min.

Audi e-tron 55 quattro

Available from €89,810 (including grants)

Battery capacity in kWh¹: 95 (gross), 86 (net)

Max. power in kW: 300 (boost mode²)/265
Max. torque in Nm: 664 (boost mode²)/561
Top speed in km/h: 200
Acceleration 0–100 km/h in seconds: 5.7 (boost mode²)/6.6
Curb weight in kg: 2,565

Electric range (WLTP): up to 436 km
Energy consumption in kWh/100 km (WLTP): 26.4–22.4

Charge capacity AC/DC: up to 22 kW/up to 150 kW
Charge time 11 kW/22 kW (0–100 percent): approx. 8:50 hrs/approx. 4:30 hrs

Charge time 150 kW (5-80 percent): approx. 30 min.

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