Joe Duffy Ford Service Options

Our highly skilled team help to keep your Ford in top condition and safe to drive, while also maintaining its resale value. You can expect value for money and high-quality parts from the people who know your vehicle inside out.

Book a Ford Scheduled Service

Your Ford needs servicing regularly to keep it in the best condition and to help maintain its value. A Ford Scheduled Service will do exactly that. This include a a thorough visual inspection of your Ford to identify anything that needs attention.

Why it makes sense to bring your car to Joe Duffy

With simple, straightforward servicing options, Ford is your one-stop shop for servicing and repairs, plus NCT and tyres. We only look after Ford vehicles, so we know your car better than anyone else. Our prices are competitive, there are no hidden extras, and every annual Ford service comes with benefits you might have to pay for separately if you go elsewhere.

Joe Duffy Ford Service Repair Quality

The right place to go for all the service you need
Joe Duffy Ford offer excellent service when you need repairs. All our dealer technicians are trained by Ford, whose quality control ensures quality results, while Ford Original Parts are always available and all repairs carry a warranty. We offer the right service solutions for vehicles of all ages and will deal with your insurance company, if required. Plus, your Ford Perforation Warranty for the whole vehicle will remain valid.

Keep your Ford performing safely with Ford Original Parts
Our replacement parts are made to the same high standards as our cars. Choose our Ford Original Parts for the highest performance, safety and durability. The high standards of Ford Original Parts ensure their fit and finish, reliability and performance. Use Ford Original Parts and maintain the resale value of your car, as potential buyers could pay more for your car as a result. You can spot a Ford Original Part by our easily recognisable trademark, often displayed in a prominent position.

Comprehensive protection for you and everyone around you.
We know how important safety is to you. And your Ford provides excellent passenger and pedestrian safety, not least because of the use of Ford Original Parts. Independent tests conducted by the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) show that the risk of injury in the event of a pedestrian collision is up to 17% greater with one of the tested copy bonnets.