Ensure Your BMW is Winter Ready.

Make sure your BMW is ready for winter with our comprehensive range of seasonal alloy wheel and tyre sets available across the range from €1,295*

For optimum performance when accelerating, braking and cornering there are BMW Winter Tyres. These specially designed tyres ensure your safety in cold and wet conditions. The ribs and grooves on the tread channel water more effectively meaning you don’t lose grip, stopping you up to 40% faster than summer tyres.

BMW 1 Series Tyre Set

From €1,295

BMW 3 & 4 Series Tyre Sets

From €1,485

BMW 5 Series Tyre Set

From €2,530​

BMW X1 Tyre Set

From €2,500​

What do Winter wheels do and how do they work?

To find out more about our available Winter Tyre sets and order yours contact us on 01 864 7777 for our Exit 5 M50 dealership or call 01 235 3373 for our South Side Approved BMW Service Centre.


Terms and Conditions Apply. *Prices are for BMW Run Flats and are inclusive of VAT. Available for retail customers only while stocks last. Models are shown for illustrative purposes only.