Audi Used Car Service Plan

Choosing an Audi Used Car Service Plan provides an easy way to cover all your car’s scheduled servicing, whichever comes first, age or mileage, interest free for as little as €13.89 per month.

It can take care of everything from fluid and filter changes to your full service, ensuring you retain a full Audi service history. With the convenience of monthly payments(2), you will receive an excellent customer advantage while continuing to benefit from today’s prices for the length of your agreement.

Used Car Service Plans(1)Mileage*Service Schedule
2 years/30,000kms 30,000 kms Fixed Service Interval
4 years/60,000kms 60,000 kms Fixed Service Interval
4 years/60,000kms 60,000 kms Longlife Interval
6 years/90,000kms 90,000 kms Longlife Interval

Your Benefits

  • Cost advantage

Versus the normal cost of servicing, our Audi Service Plans offer a customer advantage of up to 15%(3), meaning a significant overall saving to you over a 2, 4 or 6-year period.

  • Convenience

Take care of servicing costs through affordable interest-free monthly repayments so there are no service bills to plan for.​

  • ​Comprehensive coverage

All scheduled servicing is taken care of, including brake fluid for either a Fixed Service Interval or Long Life Interval.

  • ​Full Audi service history

Your car will be cared for by the experts in Vorsprung Durch Technik which not only means quality workmanship and a 2-year warranty on parts(4) and labour, but can also help protect the future value of your Audi.

  • Transferable

Your Audi Used Car Service Plan remains with your Audi and can be transferred to the new owner should you wish to trade in, thus enhancing the future value of your Audi.

  • Flexibility

Audi Service plans can be purchased at any time during your ownership up to the point of the vehicle becoming eight years old(5).