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When should I service my Audi?

How often your Audi is serviced will depend on your driving style and the type of service schedule you use. There are two types of service schedule available:

• Fixed Service schedule
• Flexible Service schedule

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The Audi Difference

Fixed Service scheduleFlexible Service schedule
Recommended for:Less than 30,000 kms per annum
Mainly city/town centre driving
Short journeys
More than 30,000 kms per annum
Motorway and main road driving
Mainly longer distance journeys
Oil-change service:Fixed to every 15,000 kms*/1 year Variable to a maximum of 30,000 kms*/2 years
Inspection service:Fixed to every 30,000 kms * /2 years Fixed to every 30,000 kms* /2 years

When a vehicle is frequently used in the following conditions, we recommend it's on a fixed schedule, regardless of mileage:

• Uneconomical driving styles, i.e. heavy acceleration and braking, constant use of high revs

• High engine loading conditions, i.e. frequent towing and hill climbs

Here at Audi North Dublin & Audi Limerick, we will be able to give you more information about the right schedule for you.

* The service schedules are based on time or distance limit, whichever comes first.